Gigapower specializes in manufacturing motorcycle and bicycle brake shoes and disc brake pads for more than 40 years. We believe the most important part of any vehicle is the brake system and its performance. Our goal is to apply our professional brake knowledge and experience to develop and produce the best quality products to ensure the safety of one’s life.

1970 Produced engine gasket of Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Kawasaki.
1976 Produced and R&D accessories and parts of VESPA..
1980 Partnered with UK FERODO and imported non-Asbestos lining and produced motorcycle brake shoes for all types of motorcycle VESPA、 HONDA、YAMAHA、 SUZUKI、KAWASAKI from 50cc to 1200cc and up.
1992 Started R&D bicycle brake shoes.
1993 Attained LGA GERMANY DIN 79100 certification for bicycle brake shoes on Nov. 18th of 1993.
1997 Attained certification of Japan VIA, JIS on Gigapower band brake.
2006 Attained certification of PAHS, ROHS, REACH and NON-ASBESTOS on all our products.
2007 Aachen DIN EN 14766 certification of Disc brake pads GB833.
2007 Aachen DIN EN14766 certification of V-Brake brake shoes GB297.
2008 Aachen DIN EN14766 certification of V-Brake brake shoes GB292.
2009 Aachen DIN EN 14766 certification of caliper racing brake shoes GB338XC for carbon fiber rims.
2011 All products attained Germany NON-Haz Material certification from SVHC.
2011 Researching and developing bicycle brake shoes for stainless rims.


Founder & President - Mr. Chun-Ling Yeh

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